Fall Management

The Dele Health Tech Fall Management Approach

Falls are a primary public health issue, worldwide.

From financial to functional decline there are various negative health complications related to falls. Subsequent complications related to falls can be devastating. The occurrence and severity of fall-related injuries significantly increases with age. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fatal falls among older adults are on the rise:

  • 70% of injury-related deaths among older adults relate either directly or indirectly to a fall.
  • 30% of falls go undetected for long periods of time. 
  • The annual cost in the US of treatment relating to non-fatal falls is around $12B.

In addition, falls or the fear of falling can have a detrimental effect on social and functional confidence. Within senior living communities, many residents who fall, are more apt to withdraw from social activities.

Dele Health Tech liberates communities, caregivers, and – above all – people in high fall risk categories – from the threat of falls, by providing advanced data-fusion based fall technology solutions.

Addressing falls within the aging population is not only a public health issue but a moral and ethical one. Falls lead to not only complex comorbidities and expedited functional decline but also premature death. When a technological solution can help prevent falls it becomes imperative from alcinal and ethical perspective to implement such tools to improve the quality of life for older adults. – Dr. Lydia Manning, PhD, VP Gerontology, Dele Health Tech

One of the biggest challenges facing senior living communities today is the prevention of falls. Although preventable, falls continue to be the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in seniors. Now more than ever, it is critical that senior housing professionals protect their residents from unnecessary harm. 


Falls In Senior Living

With Dele Health Tech fall technology installed in a community, residents and caregivers benefit from dignified, accurate and intelligent, data-fusion technology that not only detects falls in real-time, but builds individualized fall risk models, so caregivers can take proactive steps to mitigate fall risks.

Operators benefit from having a highly advanced technological safeguard for quickly identifying, managing, and preventing resident falls, while residents and their families also gain peace of mind.

Download our introductory Gerontology whitepaper to learn more about fall technology and senior living

Applying Data Fusion to Fall Technology

Dele Health Tech brings a new approach to the issue of falls. Our goal is to provide prediction-based notifications before falls happen so interventions can be put in place to prevent the fall.

Dele’s approach is based upon three things –

1 Dignified, privacy-focused technology

2 Intelligent data fusion

3 Open-data, silo-free solutions

Dele fall technology allows care teams to take preventive measures without sacrificing the dignity of residents. Our integrated resident monitoring solutions achieve speed, accuracy and reliability without using video capture.

The system’s data fusion technology provides individualized resident fall risk profiles. The notifications to caregivers based on these profiles play a fundamental role in giving them the information they need to make proactive interventions that prevent falls.

As an organization that supports healthy aging and advocates for caregivers, Dele technology is built to integrate and interact with existing applications and channels within a community. 

Dele speaks to a variety of hardware and software systems, such as nurse call. Integrating into existing notification systems means fewer apps, systems and silos.