Revolutionizing Healthcare

with innovative data fusion for dignified fall management

Dignified technology for fall detection and prediction

of all senior deaths are due to fall-related injuries
of falls are undetected for long periods of time
is paid annually related the costs of non-fatal falls

Gerontology, Fall Management for Older Adults, and the Dele Health Tech Solution

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Empowering Residents and Communities

Promoting dignity

Dele Health Tech empowers residents and caregivers with leading-edge fall management technology without compromising their privacy.

Minimizing risks

Real-time, highly accurate alerts with predictive intelligence allows caregivers to act quickly with better intelligence.

Maintaining occupancy

Fewer hospital visits, real-time detections, and quicker response times to falls. Communities enjoy resident retention and stability within their communities.


Through machine learning and AI, Dele Health Tech brings together health information, and current behavioral patterns to elevate predictive correlations.
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