Dele Editorial Team
Press Release 18 April 2021
Dele Health Tech partners with Västra Götaland Regionen for fall prediction and bedsore project

Leading fall technology company Dele Health Tech today announced a 12 month co-development project with Swedish county Västra Götaland Regionen (VGR), for a fall and bedsore injury prevention project at Södra Älvsborgs Hospital (SÄS).

Commencing 1 May, the installation at SÄS will see six rooms in the stroke ward equipped with the Dele Health Tech fall and movement detection solution.

The project involves Dele’s data-fusion and in-room sensor solution monitoring patients, processing events, and then sending alerts when the following situations occur –

1. Patient falls in bedroom or bathroom
2. Patient stands, begins moving around bedroom
3. Patient has been still in bed for too long, and is at increased risk of bedsores

The alerts will be integrated into the notification system used at the hospital.

All in-room sensors comply with Dele’s philosophy of dignified technology, using high-privacy sensors that do not capture video. The insight, speed and accuracy of the solution is expected to empower care staff to act proactively and quickly to mitigate fall and bedsore risk situations.

Dele Health Tech Sales Manager Sweden Peter Liljander said the following regarding the project:
“We are proud to commence this groundbreaking project with Västra Götaland Regionen and Södra Älvsborgs Hospital.” he said.

“Dele Health Tech’s fall and movement technology has a number of exciting use cases within hospital settings, and we look forward to improving the daily lives of patients and caregivers at Södra Älvsborgs Hospital with our fall technology.” he said.

Dele Health Tech (DELE) is a Series A funded HealthTech company delivering fall detection technology.
Founded in Norway and operating in the US and Europe, the company’s data-fusion-based fall management solution fuses in-room sensor data with individual-level health data to provide exceptional detection accuracy, nurse call integration and commercially viable scalability for multiple healthcare scenarios.

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