Technical Information

Real-Time Data Fusion

Dele Detect’s modern technology platform is designed to do one thing: link and integrate data from multiple sources to identify, predict and eventually protect older adults from falls.

Built on Apache Kafka, the leading streaming data platform, Dele incorporates a range of related “Big Data” technologies including MongoDB, WebHooks, Google BigQuery.

Scalable, Agile, and Dependable IoT

Dele Detect’s core task is fast, accurate, reliable fall detection. Care teams are notified in real time through integrated nursing call systems or the Dele mobile app. Detect makes use of Dele’s robust event handling and modeling capabilities. Processing 100s of gigabytes of data each day, the Dele platform operates primarily on summarized, aggregated data, while retaining the original “high fidelity” data in a storage-tiered data lake.

The DELE  IoT platform is made scalable, and  has been developed with an open standards, user-centric approach. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to integrate new hardware and configure third-party systems essential for your communities.  This ensures that alarms and insights are delivered through the existing workflows and systems.

Our platform is modular, ensuring you can grow with the solution. The platform is designed around the CQRS pattern, so it can scale to handle massive volumes – it has been tested with loads as high as 500 million events per second – while still being easy to use by organizations of any size.

Architecture Overview

IoT has gone from an early stage technology enthusiasm to become more mature as today’s solutions need to handle increased data streams effectively as well as economically.

A key challenge for most IoT Platforms is how data is processed and distributed. Edge processing of data is necessary to ensure that solutions can handle increasing data streams.

The DELE  IoT platform is made scalable, and it has been tested in environments with as much as 500 million events per second.

Risk Prediction Using Machine Learning

Dele Predict unique risk scoring engine is built on Google BigQuery, Apache Spark and Tensorflow. Each day it analyzes all community and resident information in real time using the latest streamed updates from data partners – including fall alarms, confirmations, position and room presence data as well as EHR and EMR.

Predict output includes:

  • Fall Index: a statistical measurement of each community and resident’s risk for the near future, calculated each day, and used to forecast the number of falls per year expected – this metric is a critical tool in benchmarking community fall prevention skill and effectiveness at the resident, community and enterprise level.
  • Fall Factors: a text explanation of the risk factors that drive a high (or low) fall index. Also calculated each day. For example, Dele Predict may identify a resident as having high risk due to fall history, underlying medical conditions, medications or changes to them, in order to enable fall management rather than fall reaction.

Actionable Insights

The Dele platform delivers actionable insights through our mobile app, for caregivers, and through our integrated Business Intelligence dashboards, for clinicians and executives. Built on the award-winning Microsoft Power BI platform and available on desktop, tablet and smartphone, they enable executives, clinicians and caregivers to build and evolve personalized care plans over time, using trends in fall index, fall factors and history across their assigned communities.

Developer Enabled & Integrated

Setting up an IoT solution is not trivial. There are many choices; one of the most important features is ease of integration. The Dele Platform is already integrated with over 30 of the most critical systems in use across ALS.

Dele Health Tech is always adding new integrations to our library – please get in touch for a complete list. We also offer a range of APIs and back-end data integration options, including MQTT, Google Cloud Bucket and/or scheduled extract delivery to support customization and extension.

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