Liberating Residents and Communities

Dele Health Tech offers innovative data fusion for fall management within multiple healthcare scenarios.

Our combination of advanced software and in-room sensor devices provide fast, accurate Fall Detection, and Fall Prevention that comes from our innovative fusion of Personalized Health Data.

Dele Benefits

Promoting Dignity

Dele Health Tech empowers residents and caregivers with leading-edge fall management technology without compromising their privacy.

Minimizing Risks

Real-time, highly accurate alerts with predictive intelligence allows caregivers to act quickly with better intelligence.

Maintaining Occupancy

Fewer hospital visits, real-time detections, and quicker response times to falls. Communities enjoy resident retention and stability.

Fall Detection

Fast, Accurate, Privacy-Centric Fall Detection that Liberates Residents and Communities

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Fall Prevention

Data Fusion That Brings Together In-room Data with Health Data to Empower Caregivers to take Proactive Measures

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Technical Information

Technology Overview Since 2011, Dele’s focus has been IoT solutions in the healthcare space. The Dele Health Tech solution focuses specifically on fall management among older adults.  

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The Dele Philosophy

At Dele, we liberate communities and residents to encourage Aging with Privacy and Dignity
Our Mission