Fall Detection

Dele fall technology provides communities with an advanced middleware technology solution that bridges hardware and datastreams, for use in multiple healthcare scenarios.

Using dignified sensor technology, the system understands and differentiates a resident’s movements within a space. Compact, multi-sensor setups provide full/multi-room coverage. 

The Dele data fusion platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to interpret data from the in-room sensors and make predictive correlations about the events that are detected. 

Notifying caregivers via front end solutions such as nurse call systems facilitates rapid response times.

Proactive care benefits

Fast, accurate detection
Dignified sensor technology that understands resident environments and movements, and reacts quickly to events

Real time notification
Event handling and notification routing that provides critical fall information as the event is occuring

Silo-free technology that talks to systems already in use, such as nurse call

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Fall Prevention

Communities undertaking proactive interventions before falls occur is the best practice approach for addressing the issue of falls.

Dele Fall Prevention performs predictive correlations by combining sensor data streams with business systems and data repositories such as Electronic Health Records (EHR),to develop individual fall risk profiles.

Based on these insights, the system generates not only alerts to nurse call if a fall occurs, but also intelligent, proactive notifications, advising of individual changes in fall risk.

These notifications provide caregivers with vital, actionable and individual insights about resident fall risk levels and changes.

Proactive care benefits

Data Fusion
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, applied to sensor and EHR data

Fall risk profiling
Individual fall risk processing and reporting

Intelligent notifications
Integrations with diverse front end messaging and notification systems

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Our Partners

Dele means ‘share’ in Norwegian.

As leaders in data fusion and pioneers in preventative fall technology, Dele’s platform is built upon data flow and the open, ethical exchange of data with our partners. 

Hardware and Sensor Partners

Software – Proprietary algorithms and processes – is the core of Dele’s fall technology platform.

This platform requires high-quality sensory input. Dele chooses high quality, privacy-centric sensors, and is hardware agnostic by design. It can function with a diverse range of hardware inputs, to provide maximum flexibility. 

Data Stream Partners

Dele’s fall prediction solution is made possible by the fusion of multiple data sources. Data sets and input sources such as individualized health data and EHR are interpreted into individualized fall risk profiles that empower caregivers to make informed proactive choices to mitigate individual fall risks.

Dele is proud to partner with leading data stream organizations such as PointClickCare to collect resident health data for individualized fall management. 

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Installation and Support Partners

Dele offers professional installation and support via our trusted network of local install partners. Configuration, calibration and testing ensure maximum accuracy and performance from day one.

Research and Development Partners and Supporters

Dele’s development initiatives are constantly evolving to ensure we stay at the forefront of new developments within IoT. We are proud to be supported by organizations including:

European Commission Horizon 2020  

The largest EU Research and Innovation program ever,  with nearly €80 billion of funding available. The fund’s objective is to spark more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market. An ongoing Dele R&D project – Artificial Intelligence in Edge Computing – receives funding from this program.

The Research Council of Norway 

This body invests in research and innovation that builds knowledge for a sustainable future and meets major societal challenges. 

Dele is proud to be  supported by the Research Council of Norway through their SkatteFUNN program.