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Welfare technology and the Internet of Things is a perfect match, however technology can never fully substitute human interaction. Therefore we have made the DELE IoT Platform with a people first approach.


“Ensuring that the right information reaches the right person at the right time, is crucial for a dependable solution that secures the safety and well being of people.“

Each person is different. They have different needs and abilities, which means their reality needs to be addressed differently. Our advanced data models analyzes and understands the profile and the situation the person is in, and recommend next best actions accordingly. Ensuring that the right information reaches the right person at the right time, is crucial for a dependable solution that secures the safety and well being of people.

Privacy and dignity is key to everything we do. The DELE IoT Platform ensures the safe-keeping of personal and health information. All of our solutions are designed to be non-intrusive and take into account our people first philosophy.

We ensure people achieve better quality of life.

Dele Health Tech Senior Care is suitable for:

Assisted Living

Any size AL community, free standing facilities or multiple locations. The solution is scalable and has been tested in environments handling as much as 500 million events per second.

Transitional Care

 Senior Care is flexible and allows for easy management of changes in patient status as they transition from a stay in the hospital to home or another level of care.

Home Assisted Care

Ensuring people are safe in their own home and able to stay at home longer. We provide remote patient handling solutions for any type of community with resident monitoring needs.

DELE Senior Care

Solution Overview

The DELE Senior Care solution is a secure and efficient platform for streamlining communication, medical information, health preventive measures, welfare technology and alarm handling. The solution provides an overview of the personnel, end users and events, notifications and alarms.

Personal and health information, and alarm signals from different types of devices are sent and received through DELE Senior Care to ensure safekeeping of sensitive data and safe handling of alarms. Staff at any type of care unit will receive notifications based on competence, availability and rights.

The solution helps improve resource allocation and at the same time give human beings a feeling of safety and freedom without being intrusive.

DELE Senior Care is non-proprietary and can communicate with any API-based device and system. We have an easy to understand user interface, or we can integrate our solution with you already existing user interfaces. It´s your choice.

Key Features

Alarm Response Central:

Prioritize, answer and handle alarms in an efficient and easy way, by distributing alarms to available and suitable resources, in the proximity of the alarm location.

Real-Time Alerts:

Every second count when there is a situation – immediacy is key. In the case of an event or emergency, DELE Senior Care triggers real alarms that lets staff at any type of care unit act immediately.

Alert Logic:

Understands individual needs and abilities and the routing of alerts according to the next best action.

Easy Integration:

Our APIs ensure easy integration with your other systems and solutions.

Data Privacy:

Secure data protection and privacy for all individuals.

Flexible User Interface:

You can use our intuitive user interface or implement our data flow and alert handling through your already existing system.


Better Quality of Life

Ensuring resident and patient safety and that the elders keep in good health, allows for active, social and happy lives.

More Privacy

Residents and patients gain more privacy and freedom to move around when technology helps us understand their situation and comfort level better.

Safer Residents

By knowing what happens when with each resident, the healthcare provider can ensure each person is followed up in the best and safest possible way.

Operational Efficiency

Remote monitoring results in a needs based management and fewer checkup rounds.

Use Cases

Solving real world issues

We like to address real problems that our clients and partners state is at the core of what they need to fix. For remote patient and resident management, a key challenge is ensuring people are safe at their facilities or at home.

From Fall Detection to Fall Prevention