From Fall Detection to Fall Prevention

Current Fall Detection solutions are not accurate enough and do not secure resident dignity… So we fixed it.

Unfortunately falling is a reality for seniors. It is not only dangerous for their health if the fall is not discovered fast, but it also challenges the further quality of life. It turns out that 50% of those who fall exclude themselves from further physical and social activities.

Current solutions are not Good Enough
The current Fall Detection solutions are not working the way they should, as they are not accurate enough. They have too many false alarms and sometimes no alarm at all when a fall really happens.

Also, many of the current solutions, especially wearable devices, demand too much of users and are therefore not being used. There are also many solutions that do not respect resident privacy, which is why we have focused on delivering non-intrusive solutions.

Achieve 4 times more Accurate Fall Readings
Our Fall Detection IoT Solution uses an advanced radar mounted in every room that via 20 antennas understand the situation of the individual. The solution is 4 times more accurate than other automated fall alert systems.

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