Our Mission

Preventing One Million Falls by 2024

Dele Health Tech is redefining how the market conceptualizes and achieves fall prevention by offering a data fusion platform that functions as middleware between hardware and data stream partners.

Our mission is clear: To save lives through fall prevention, and prevent one million falls by 2024.

The Dele Story

Dele Health Tech is an international, cloud-based software company, founded in 2011. The organization is globally headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with multiple offices in Sweden, and a United States corporate office in Austin, Texas. 

Dele Health Tech was an early innovator in remote patient monitoring. The company began in the mountains of Norway with a personal emergency experienced by one of our founders. During recuperation from a medical emergency, it became clear that remote monitoring of patients was not keeping up with technology.

The experience showed the need for safe, dignified, and efficient remote patient monitoring. 

Building the opportunity

Since our inception, Dele’s dedicated team of experts has been applying data science and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to healthcare challenges.  An initial grant from the regional government in Norway allowed the company to begin testing tracking solutions using IoT technology.  

Applications for translating critical medical information soon followed, and funding from 

Innovation Norway facilitated further development and international piloting of the technology. Successful trials and pilots featuring technology such as GPS products that addressed the problem of patient wander management were rolled out in multiple geographies within Norway.

Becoming Dele Health Tech

During the early years, Dele Health Tech (formerly named iGT) examined patient monitoring solutions. At this time, monitoring solutions were video-based. With a goal of preserving patient dignity, Dele pivoted toward passive, dignity-first oversight solutions, with a narrowed focus on fall prevention.

Our team identified that falls directly contributed to a decline in health for older adults. In 2018, the company shifted all research and development efforts toward combating falls within senior care. By 2019, Dele launched the first United States fall management pilot program, which led to more partnerships. 

The Dele name was born in late 2020. ‘Dele’ is the Norwegian word meaning ‘share’ . 

The change reflected our philosophy that data, when fused and used ethically, is the foundational key to fall prevention. 

Today, the fusion of sensor and personal health data is what the Dele platform uses to create both its fall detection and fall prediction solutions.

At Dele, we are revolutionizing healthcare with innovative data fusion for dignified fall management. 


Our People

Internationally headquartered in Norway and operating throughout the United States and Europe, our team unites a diverse range of cultures.  A dynamic, diverse group that thrives on innovation, and lives to apply new technology and new thinking to traditionally challenging problems, Dele employees are driven to make a difference in the lives of those at risk of falls, and to improve outcomes for the communities they call home.

Our Work

Dele Health Tech’s passion is to support healthy aging for older adults using fall management technology. We are agile. We care deeply about our customers and the end-users of our solutions.

Working in the collaborative spirit that the company was founded upon, the Dele team understands that working together will get us further than working alone. 

Join Our Team

Are you ready to join our mission to save lives through fall prevention? 

We encourage talented, motivated individuals to accompany us on our journey.

Open opportunities are listed on this site, industry job boards, and social media. Direct applications are welcome too, and can be sent to hello@delehealth.com  

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