David Stone
David Stone
Dele Health Tech News 6 May 2021
Dele Health Tech signs collaboration agreement with Luleå University of Technology

Dele Health Tech signs collaboration agreement with Luleå University of Technology

Leading fall technology company Dele Health Tech today announced the commencement of a collaboration agreement with Luleå University of Technology in Sweden.

The agreement will see the two parties collaborate on knowledge sharing, research, and joint development relating to falls and fall technology.

Luleå University of Technology, with four campuses and an enrollment of 19,000, is known for its Human Health and Activity laboratory.

Built in 2018, the laboratory is a smart-home and educational training environment for developing technologies, assessment methods and interventions to improve safety and autonomy for everyday activities within the home. Human balance, falls, and fear of falling are central themes within the research at the Department of Health, Education and Technology.

In addition to knowledge sharing and development, it is planned that Dele will contribute sensor hardware and data fusion fall technology software into the Lab, for integration and research purposes.

Together, the collaboration will investigate use cases and roles that data fusion and privacy-centric sensors can be applied to in home and clinical situations.

Dele Health Tech CEO Carine Zeier said the following regarding the agreement:

“Luleå University of Technology and its Activity Lab are a highly relevant partner for us, and we are proud to be entering this agreement with them,” she said.

“There is much both parties can learn from each other, and we anticipate this partnership will spawn insights that will continue driving our innovations within fall technology,” she said.

Luleå University of Technology Professor in Pervasive and Mobile Computing Kåre Synnes commented as follows, regarding the agreement.

“Dele Health Tech is a leading technology developer of real-time data processing, analytics and distribution through their IoT-platform for home-based health services. LTU is therefore very pleased to announce this strategic collaboration with Dele Health Tech, whose software and sensor solutions will be a key part of our research on future technologies, and to show-casing these future technologies for municipalities,“ he said.

The partnership officially commences in May 2021.