Data science

to prevent falls.

We make it happen.

We are Healthcare Tech and Internet of Things veterans – since 2011. Together with demanding international clients and partners, we have shaped our solution from the early days of IoT with task-oriented systems to become the mission critical solution of today. We have taken upon us on solving a key problem, falling in Senior Care.

Our Story

Based on a personally experienced emergency amongst our founding team, Dele Health Tech started shaping the idea for the initial version of a healthcare solution.

The founding idea was that there really was no efficient and safe solution that allowed for remote monitoring of a person´s health. And, most welfare technology solutions addressed only the professional side of the equation. With a deep belief in putting users, the first DELE solution was developed.

The company was originally based in a mountainous area in Norway, where the first IoT experiences were made in close collaboration with local care providers and first responder units of different roles. Allowing the company to experiment with a local community, allowed us to quickly iterate as we learned new things.

We soon put these experiences to work into larger applications and ultimately started landing international clients and partners. Our Nordic roots still stay with us, as we grow into new geographical areas.

Our Management Team


Carine Zeier


Carine Zeier has 15+ years experience working with commercializing paradigm shifting technologies. She has worked with several international startups and scaleups, one of them being Fast Search & Transfer (USD 1.9bn acquisition by Microsoft in 2008), and also has experience from the corporate world, both operationally and with advising large corporates in digital business development. Carine is an active startup ecosystem builder, as a co-founder of the Norwegian chapter of Nordic.Ai - a nonprofit organization supporting the Nordic Artificial Intelligence ecosystem and co-founder of Pier X Venture Hub - a hub where VC investors, serial entrepreneurs and startups meet to scale companies. She has also provided substantial guidance and sometimes management for hire for many Nordic startups in the growth stages - such as Documaster and Disruptive Technologies. Carine holds a Master in Business Administration from Boston University and a Bachelor´s degree from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She currently shares her time between the US and the Nordics.


Dr. Frode Alirash-Roarson


Frode has his expertise from working with digital forensics and security. This background provides him with a thorough knowledge of how to identify, collect, preserve, and analyze data in a way that preserves the integrity of the source and that the associated insights can be used effectively. Frode is also a Technology Evangelist within his specialties of Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics, Game Console Forensics, Security Standards, Management, Project supervision and Digital Forensic Auditing. He is the former Head of the Digital Forensic Services and in-house lab at PwC, Oslo, Norway and also has an academic background both as a professor and as a researcher from universities in Norway and the UK.


Delaine Blazek

Chief Commercial Officer

Delaine has 15+ years experience optimizing companies within the healthcare market. As an industry visionary, she has a reputation for leading teams to increase revenues, maximize client relations, deliver company strategies, and exceed company sales & marketing goals within the healthcare technology space. She has held multiple commercial roles within leading senior living technology companies such as Yardi, OneView, and Enquire Solutions. Delaine’s extensive skill set includes building successful teams, streamlining processes, recruiting, training, mentoring, and positively coaching different personality types for optimal results and retention.